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YOUR HOME IS A TARGET. North, south, new, old, any home is a target for termites. Even houses built on slabs are threatened by termites that find their way through utility entry points and cracks. In fact, termites are so efficient that no attempts at termite-proof construction have ever been completely successful.

A cold climate is no guarantee, either, even as far north as Canada. In Chicago, for example, one in 16 buildings is infested. Even those homes surrounded by a traditional termiticide barrier may be in trouble if the barrier is disrupted or breaks down.

As the map suggests, in many parts of this country there are only two kinds of homes: those that have termites, and those that will.

HOW TERMITES DO THEIR DIRTY WORK. Subterranean termites, the most damaging kind, live in colonies in the soil. Each colony is built around a king and queen, whose sole job is reproduction. Most of the colony is made up of worker termites that cause the damage to your home.

Worker termites forage among food sources and share their finds with others in the colony. They work 24 hours a day, destroying your home from inside the wood. Chances are, you'll see no evidence of their work until something gives way. To make matters worse, there may be more than one colony threatening your home at a time.

LITTLE CREATURES . . . BIG BUCKS. Nationwide, subterranean termite damage approaches a billion dollars a year. The damage may not be as sudden or as violent as damage from fire or storms, but it's much more likely to occur - nearly one and a half million homes are damaged by termites annually. Among other problems, termite feeding causes sagging floors, loose trim and cracked plaster, and can eventually lead to major structural repairs.

You can stop the destruction - or prevent it from ever occurring - with the Sentricon™* Termite Colony Elimination System.